Zero Tolerance Day: Clitoraid proposes 'Healing Day' instead

February 04 2011, Categoría: Press-Releases
For immediate release –

USA-based Clitoraid, a non-profit organization launched by the spiritual leader Rael, announced today that it will not only sponsor a number of events around the world for Feb. 6, the United Nations-designated worldwide “Zero Tolerance Day” for the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) but will also promote the idea to go one step further and declare this day, 'Healing Day'.

“There are more than 130 million women in the world who have been mutilated. To prevent this barbaric tradition to happen ever again is definitely important but we must think of all the women who had an organ removed and who are still suffering now, physically and psychologically” declared Nadine Gary, spokesperson for Clitoraid. “It is possible today to repair the damage done by the mutilation and to not only restore these victim's dignity but also their sense of pleasure! The laws exist that will punish those who still dare to cut children again, let's now devote more efforts towards helping the victims and giving them their life back!”

Since 2006 Clitoraid has been able to train several doctors and have surgeries performed on many women in France and in the USA. “All of our patients have reported improvements after the surgery and about 60% of them have experienced orgasm which they thought would never happen for them ever” explains Nadine Gary. “ We are now half way through the construction of our 'pleasure hospital' in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina faso, where we will welcome women of the area and of West Africa to be repaired for free” adds Gary. “This is our main goal as too many women cannot afford to have this surgery done, it would take several years of their wage but they are hoping and waiting for us. ClitorAid Report

Clitoraid officials have long claimed that the best way to have the practice of FGM stop is to show the old women who still practice it in the dark that it is a waste of time as the victims will be repaired anyway. “Because we have no tolerance for debilitating tradition, we don't only denounce it, but we act, we repair the damages, we heal the wounds made by stupid traditions and we show the world that science is the only option to remove darkness” comments Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, head of Clitoraid and spokesperson of the Raelian Movement. “This is one of the main teachings of my spiritual leader Rael. It is of no use to cry when one sees sad events happening, we have to laugh about it and get the energy to repair it if it is possible. It is possible to heal 130 million women who deeply suffer today. We deeply hope that many will help us to heal the world and join our 'Adopt a Clitoris Program.”

AVN/AEE at the Sands Expo - Las Vegas Nevada

January 06 2011, Categoría: Events
This is a short note to remind everyone that January 6th through the 9th, 2011 Clitoraid will be hosting a booth during the AVN/AEE in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo Center.
Details on expo attendance can be found at .

Clitoraid will be in booth #323 at the expo where we will be selling boxed chocolates, seeking donations and spreading all goodwill to benefit Clitoraid.
New this year is direct support from some Adult Actresses and of course the boxed chocolates.
So if your in town attending the Adult Entertainment Expo please stop by the Clitoraid booth and show your support by making a generous charitable donation or buying a box of chocolates.

‘Adopt a Clitoris’: Clitoraid seeks help for FMG victims at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2011

January 05 2011, Categoría: Press-Releases
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4 – Clitoraid, a non-profit, Las Vegas-based humanitarian organization dedicated to helping victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), will occupy booth 323 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center Jan. 6-9.

New at Clitoraid’s booth this year are boxed chocolates that will be given to those who donate while supplies last. Tee-shirts will also be available. All donations will go to benefit FGM victims.
In addition, several adult video actresses, including Nina Heartly and Lynn LeMay, have said they will make appearances at the Clitoraid booth.

New at Clitoraid’s booth this year are boxed chocolates. Proceeds from sales of these chocolates will go to benefit FGM victims.

Clitoraid has almost completed construction of the very first “Pleasure Hospital” in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, where African women who wish to have their clitorises repaired and thus have their sexual pleasure restored will be able to do so at no cost to them!

According to a barbaric tradition, millions of female children in some parts of the world – especially Africa – are forced to undergo an excruciatingly painful procedure in which the clitoris is excised. The act is typically carried out without anesthesia and is often performed by female relatives, themselves earlier victims of the practice. Each year, millions of girls endure this brutal practice so they won’t enjoy sex and will be more likely to remain the “property” of men. Up to 98 percent of all women in some African countries have been genitally mutilated.

Founded by Rael, leader of the worldwide Raelian Movement of some 70,000 members in 104 countries, Clitoraid helps FGM victims benefit from an innovative surgical procedure that restores clitoral functioning and, consequently, the capacity for sexual pleasure. The procedure was developed by Dr. Pierre Foldes of France, who has already performed the surgery successfully for a number of African women sent to him through the assistance of Clitoraid.

Several Western doctors have volunteered their time for the new Pleasure Hospital, including Dr. Marci Bowers, M.D., who specializes in gynecology and pelvic and reconstructive surgery. She has already completed her training with Dr. Foldes in France and has performed several reconstructive surgeries at her former Trinidad (CO) office. She will perform 21 more at her new San Francisco office over the next few months.

At AVN and other events, Clitoraid hopes to reach thousands of open-minded people willing to help with the organization’s ultimate goal of eliminating FGM worldwide once and for all. Meanwhile, through Clitoraid’s “Adopt a Clitoris” campaign, AVN attendees can give someone they never met an unforgettable gift: the restoration of both physical pleasure and self-esteem.

Clitoraid will be supported again this year by UNLV professor Dr. Larry Ashley and his students, who have volunteered their time at Clitoraid's booth.

Clitoraid expressing gratitude - 11/29/10

December 01 2010, Categoría: Misc
Clitoraid released today a special "thank you" to Shara Ross Climax Help for her support and generous donations. Thanks to her contribution and her help, Clitoraid is one step closer to reaching its goal of completing the construction of the first Pleasure Hospital in the world, located in Western Africa. Once the facility will be completed, thanks to the help of volunteer surgeons from around the world, free clitoral repair surgeries will be made available to as many victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) as possible.

Also imbued with a strong desire to help, Shara has made it a personal goal to helping women conquer the intercourse “orgasm barrier” by educating and informing. She believes sexual oppression in our society is the root cause of sexual ignorance. Here is how she discovered Clitoraid:

"I discovered CLITORAID after having attended the Everything to Do with Sex Show in London, Ontario, Canada. The moment I became informed of their advocacy, I knew I wanted to help! I am elated to know that there are people willing to donate their time and effort to help women gain back what is a true blessing and gift that was given to them as a part of their birth right."

Clitoraid hopes that many more individuals like Shara will continue to step forward and publicly express their support and desire to help. No contribution is too small when it comes to helping women regain their sense of dignity and pleasure. Clitoraid is a non-profit organization that has been granted tax-exempt status. Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible.
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