Vagina Monologues - Israel

April 06 2011, Categoría: Events
We were priviledged to have the performance of Vagina Monologues in IsRael and that gave us a great opportunity to install our table to promote Clitoraid in the lobby of the Dimond Theater of Tel Aviv.

The organizer Nitsan was really charming. She was so kind to give us 3 free entrance tickets.

This performance not only denouces the violence to women but awaken minds by speaking about the vagina, orgasm, masturbation, and many other subjects related to sex. They also mentioned Betty Dodson, famous Sexologist, Artist and Author who is very dedicated to the Clitoraid cause

It is fantastic to have this kind of performance in countries of the Middle East where sexuality is still taboo.

We were at the right place to represent Clitoraid and had a great success.

Vagina Monologue - San Diego & Hawaii

February 14 2011, Categoría: Events
The VM play is about violence done against women, they not denounce the violence but also offer relief to the victims. They were touched by our Clitoraid message and offered to help us collect donations.
Incidentally Dr. Bowers, our head Clitoraid Surgeon, was part of the VM in Los Angeles in 2004 with the famous Eve Ensler who originally wrote the VM that is now performed around the world.

Nadine Gary with the VM team

Clitoraid attended the "Vagina Monologues" production at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, February 18, 2011
Many people seemed to know about female genital mutilation, and were happy to learn that a new kind of surgery can help the victims.

Donna Grabow

Interview at Radio 3CR - Melbourne

February 12 2011, Categoría: Events
The Clitoraid stall at Melbourne Sexpo was a great success gathering donations of over $4000
Our stall was visited by a Community radio station 3CR presenter. Dale does a show called Girls Radio Offensive every Sunday afternoon. She was very touched by the Clitoraid mission and invited us to speak on her show. During the hour we were about to share and inform about how Clitoraid gathers donations to provide reconstructive surgery to victims of FGM to restore their pleasure and dignity along with post operative care, doctors and the hospital in Burkina Faso. We talked about sexuality and pleasure being a fundamental part of our being and when this is taken away it leads to emotional and physical problems. It was so refreshing to be able to speak freely on air live about sexual pleasure and the clitoris! On numerous occasions the website was mentioned for people to find out more and donate online.

Justine Ryan
Clitoraid Coordinator Melbourne, Australia

Activities against female genital mutilation - Burkina Faso

February 08 2011, Categoría: Events
On the occasion of the celebration of International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation on the last February 6th, we have conducted awareness campaigns against FGM and promote Clitoraid with the restoration of the clitoris in Burkina Faso and Gabon.

In the picture: left to right: Sie Benoit Da, Fidele Hien, Vlabest Somda and Saly Souratie

In Gabon by Ndjala

Tuesday February 8, we closed our action with a show on radio station Africa No. 1 with the same theme Excision again. A VERY VERY NICE RELEASE OF LOVE… TO SAVE LIVES ... LIVE THE SCIENCE!

In the picture: left to right: Mariale Lemlepa and Kemi

In Burkina Faso by Edjibié

In Burkina Faso, we started our outreach in the cities of Bobo-Dioulasso and Ouagadougou targeting private schools and high schools. We were dressed in t-shirts AVFE (Way of the Feminine Fulfillment Association), an association of Burkina Faso affiliated to Clitoraid.

In the picture: Up to down and left to right: Yannick / Souadou, Edjibie, Christine, a brother, Princesse Monique / Alima, Sibilla Alida and Aicha

Sunday February 12, we participated in a broadcast of Ouaga Radio Fm. Edjibié, Clitoraid local coordinator, says:
"As expected Fahir and myself went to Ouaga Radio Fm for the program powered by the charming Kadi DRAME, a famous actress.

Were invited: Nadège TIENDREBEOGO, LLB student who has been challenged by the theme of the show, Adama SAWADOGO, member of the management of social action, Assita KONATE, information secretary and accounting clerk for "fan club Ouaga FM radio," Fahir DA member AVFE, Edjibié KANKOUAN, President of AVFE branch of Ouagadougou.

The theme of the topic "Why excision persists?" The program lasted two hours including one hour of debate followed by an hour dedicated to the interventions of listeners. The discussion was very rich and exciting including the fact that female listeners had the courage to call to share the stories of their poignant experience. They have launched a heartfelt cry to all circumcisers to abandon the practice.

In the picture: Letf to right: Fahir Clarice, Edjibie Marceline, Kady Drame, host of the show, the guest: Nadege Tiendrebeogo and Assita Konate
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