Noticias: UAE Charity Lunch - Abu Dhabi
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07 Feb 2011

Beach Rotana Hotel

Abu Dhabi - UAE

Welcome at 12h

Give someone you never met, a gift they will never forget

My name is Eliane Wurmser and I am head of the Middle East branch of Clitoraid, a private, international, non profit women’s organization dedicated to offer reconstructive surgery to victims of Female Genital Cutting and to restore their woman’s dignity. The newly implanted branch of our organization in Abu Dhabi is planning a fundraising luncheon on Monday February 7th, 2011 in honour of "Zero Tolerance Day for FGC" celebrated by the United Nation each year on February 6. This ladies only event will take place at the Rotana Beach Hotel and we would sincerely treasure your participation to help us gather the funds necessary to build a hospital in West Africa destined to treat the thousands of FGC victims who live there.

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