Noticias: Raelian women worldwide invite humanity to celebrate February as ‘Women's Sexual Pleasure Month’ and share their ‘comings’
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14 Feb 2011

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 9 – A worldwide group of Raelian women with a wide range of backgrounds have declared February “Women’s Sexual Pleasure Month,” and they’re hoping the idea will catch on across the planet.

“February 14 is already known around the world for the celebration of love and sexuality, and February 6 is “Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genital Mutilation,” said Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D., spokesperson of the Raelian Movement and head of Clitoraid. “Although Valentine’s Day celebrates and reveres love and sexual pleasure, Zero Tolerance Day for FGM reminds us that even today, millions of women still endure extreme sexual repression and cruelty in Africa and some parts of Asia. But what’s even more disturbing is that official studies show that only 40 percent of women in the Western world have a satisfying sexual life. To summarize, we’re living in a ‘dead clitoris society’ and we need to encourage every woman to live her sexual life fully.”

Boisselier said many Raelian women are already involved in the humanitarian organization Clitoraid (, which helps victims of Female Genital Mutilation recover a sense of pleasure and dignity and obtain surgical assistance to restore clitoral functioning.

“While promoting our organization to women in Europe and America, we realized that many people consider this topic to be less than a life or death matter,” Boisselier said. “They think we should focus on bringing food to these women instead. I couldn’t believe these comments because I knew how deeply the circumcised women have suffered and are still suffering. They experience excruciating pain during each act of intercourse, have recurrent infections and feel their lives are simply not worth living. But I realized that Western women have in a sense circumcised themselves, refusing consciously or unconsciously, out of fear, guilt or simple ignorance, to just let go and enjoy their clitoris. This is why we feel we need to help them all. Whether they have been physically or psychologically circumcised, we want to help women recover their sense of pleasure.”

Boisselier said the benefits of orgasm are well documented, especially when it is reached through masturbation. From the production of amphetamine and endorphins to the benefits of a greater blood flow, scientists agree that orgasms are a natural means to balance one's life.

“During February, we will also reach out to women who have healthy sexual lives to help us help those who cannot reach orgasm,” Boisselier said. “Clitoraid is providing special new ‘choco-clit boxes’ for Valentine's day in the United States and some European countries. We’re encouraging women to donate a small amount to their personal 'clit-box' each time they have an orgasm and to send their ‘coming benefits’ to Clitoraid by the end of the month.”

“In contrast to most antiquated religions, the Raelian philosophy encourages women to live a free sexual life and promotes masturbation because most women cannot climax during sexual intercourse,” Boisselier explained. “During February, we plan to have international discussions through blogs, tweeting, and other means of sharing and chatting to celebrate women’s sexual pleasure and encourage women to seek it.”

Boisselier added that a video campaign explaining the clitbox concept was released this week and said she hoped it will “go viral enough to promote the February celebrations.”
The videos can be viewed here:

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